photo by Maverick Inman (Mercury Lounge, NYC  9/13/11 -

2011 has been such a big year for Southeast Engine with the release of our 5th full length album Canary.  The album, which was inspired by the local history of Southeast Ohio during the Great Depression, saw the best critical praise the band has seen yet.  The band also toured all over the country in support of the album with a West coast tour in the spring, a solo Living Room tour by Adam Remnant in the summer, and an East coast tour with These United States in September. The band also saw some increased exposure by being featured on NPR’s World Café with David Dye and by performing live on NPR’s Mountain Stage.  We’re also pleased to announce that Canary has now landed on some end of year Best Of lists including All Music’s Top Folk Albums of 2011, Dirty Impound’s 20 Best Albums of the Year, The Onion A.V. Club, Hear Ya’s Top 50, Donewaiting, Captain’s Dead Top 14, The Herald Dispatch, Razing the BarWOUB (2) (3), and more.  Below are a few highlights of our year.  Thanks to all of you for your support this year and your continued support as the band enters 2012!

Critical Praise of Canary:
All Music Review of Canary - ★★★★ “Canary is a true find from a band that’s quietly created one of the most powerful albums of the year.”
Paste Review of Canary - 8.4 “Especially when so many groups are mutating old-time American music into pedestrian pop, Southeast Engine distinguish themselves by gently updating these traditions for the 21st century.”
Pitchfork Review of Canary - 7.3 “its attention to detail and local focus make for a singular achievement.”

No Depression Interview with Adam Remnant
NPR’s World Café – Southeast Engine
NPR’s Mountain Stage – Southeast Engine

Subway Sessions – Southeast Engine

Red Lake Shore Music Video – video by Tommy Britt












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