Songwriters in the Round, SXSW, and Dayton Video

Hi Folks,
Three members of Southeast Engine: Adam Remnant, Jesse Remnant, and Billy Matheny will convene this Saturday, February 25th in Athens, Ohio to perform a  Songwriter in the Round along with the acclaimed West Virginia songwriter Todd Burge.  The show is at Donkey Coffee, and it starts at 8 pm.

In other news, Southeast Engine’s SXSW tour is really taking shape.  The band is really looking forward to hitting the road.  Our Misra showcase is now official with time and location, and we will be performing at Bloodshot Records Annual Yard Dog Party.  See our SHOWS page for all the details.  More to come soon regarding this tour.

Also, please enjoy this video from our performance Friday, February 10th at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio.  This was the show closer “Where Are You Now?” complete with audience sing along and a jump off the kick drum.

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