Two of Every Kind

one night when the house was quiet I slipped out the back door
I didn’t know where I was going or what I was leaving for
my day was filled with the usual at work I stared at the screen
long enough to scare myself to feel like a machine
at home my wife made dinner the kids ran and gave me hugs
our beautiful family filled our good home with love
but night came as I put the kids to sleep and we said a quick prayer,
“Father won’t you keep us safe from any evil out there.”

I drove across the town to find whatever I was looking for
stopped at a little café I had never seen before
inside the lights were dim I got a coffee found a seat
that’s when she caught my eye and sat down across from me
she said, “they call me Lady Midnight after the Leonard Cohen song,”
yeah she spoke to me so gracefully and I just went along

but back in church I learned holiness and how to live above
the earth and all its worldliness drowning in the flood
but God’s children build a secret ark to keep them in God’s light
the rainbow shines eternal joy while the rest of nature dies
yeah but I’ve read every chapter and still my heart is weak
yeah, and judgment falls on every act no matter how discreet
and so she calls after me and invites me back to her place
to know to see with no make believe she is looking at my face
I am counting on God’s grace