returning to the village the oaks have grown so high
the houses are so quiet is there anyone inside?
and the schoolboys are ringing so I’m staying far away
I think I hear their voices coming singing, “keep their fear at bay.”
and you’re locked up in your basement you don’t take any calls
yeah, you keep yourself from feeling anything at all
yeah, you keep the windows covered so no one knows you’re here
you’re beginning to unravel as you try to disappear

now you look back to a few years ago the person that you were
accepting all their answers and waiting for your turn
to achieve some greater better some new age fantasy
of a secret that’s revealed that nobody can see
and covered up in uniform you were perfectly disguised
nobody could see you so there was no need to hide
and it never seemed to matter until she came near
and opened up your mind until nothing was clear

so I compared myself to nature: the sun the wind the storms
when the village had surrendered to the mercy of the flood
but on the third day of rain it suddenly was clear
that the clouds had copied us by striking back in fear
and the citizens repented and quickly hustled God
saying, “you stop the rain and we’ll stop the flood
yeah, we’ll take up with the privileged the oppressed the rich the poor
we’ll settle what’s been started until our bones and ribs are sore.”

and so as I traveled outwards the answers came within
as I looked upon the battles and the places I had been
and the people that I met desperately along my way
who offered their directions and places to stay
but these problems always seem to complicate my mind
yeah they tell me where to look but not what to find
so I guess it won’t matter I guess it’s ok to cry
the worst thing you could do is just not try