The Moon

you are over in the next room crying to the pale moon
cause I owe you an apology I will not receive
and yeah I know I’m mean but I’m so sorry
and I wish I could make up for all the times I fucked up
but no one likes to take down the sound of an enemy
and I know you don’t trust me but you’ll have to believe me
and yeah there’s a difference
there’s a difference tonight
yeah there’s a difference
there’s a difference tonight, alright

but all I want is you
with a silent piece of youth
cause it’s hard for me to go through with an attitude
that proves I love you

cause you don’t know what to say
when our love comes and goes away
oh but could we make it stay?
and I don’t know but I promise you
I’ll pay the price of loving you
what can I expect from you?
and the moon will always catch you crying
until glimpses of truth slip away
until we’re left to figure out what we don’t know about
I hope we never let go
at least I don’t think so