The Forest – Pt I, II, & III

so it begins the ceremony is over
the bells have already rung
but here I’m still an animal
my stomach hungers for more
I said I wouldn’t do no evil
but evil is just what I’ve done
and her pale face in the darkness
is scaring me to death
my instinct flourishes as my goodwill recedes
so I recite the prayer of my enemy

and so I fight my inhibitions
as the wilderness conveys
disregard for my intentions
leading me astray
now I’m bewildered in the twilight forest
where the shadows rise and dive
and her white dress soft in the distance
moves back and forth in time

and so it is I follow these illusions
I come upon a stream
with the sun around my shadow
and the moonlight through the trees
it’s said these woods are haunted by
four maidens made of light
are they the work of the devil
or the light of the divine?
I see four maidens as I make across this stream
and so I follow them to an open clearing . . .

I can see a fire’s flame
I can hear their voices whispering with shame
words spoken like broken vows
as water seeps up from the ground, hmmmm
the water floods up to my knees
the warm air is becoming more difficult to breathe
so let these trees serve as doors
to take me where I’ve never been before to be restored
and as the darkness falls
I follow the call

I look around my vision returning
through the trees the river is burning
everything under the sun
is a part of me like it’s part of everyone
hey! here I am now rising
it’s almost like I’m flying
above the tree line
and as I’m ascending
I see a hand extending
out to grab mine
but it’s not the time

and so I lose my sense of direction
I follow every scent
I’m acting on my instincts
despite their consequence