Symbolism Cried

the symbolism cried as it dirtied your eyes
and left you with your obsolete lover
so you fell asleep with all the secrets that you keep
because you thought it be better not to bother
but when you wake you say for our sake
let’s talk about the issues and the lies
but he turns away and says baby another day
right now I don’t have the time
so it’s bottled up inside
and he’s asking you why
he’s got the nerve to ask you why you have to cry

so you confide in a friend who tries to tell you how it is
but how could anyone be so objective
but they say no no no I didn’t mean to tell you so
I guess I was just feeling protective
don’t you see how love is blinding?
and I can tell how much it means
just so you know if you still do decide to go
you can always find faith in me
so the choice is up to you
I guess the truth is too if you want it to

and you were expected to believe
everyone and everything
never disagree never disagree
and it was delivered by hand
you were guaranteed to tell yourself
that he couldn’t be your man
that he couldn’t be your man