Summer & Her Ferris Wheel

here comes summer with her Ferris wheel
rolling in like she’s not even real
of course I like her all the same
like her so much I’m ashamed
bright lights twirling blue and red
I can’t help but go where I’m led
too soon for worry or regret
I want to know what has not happened yet
I’m standing in line I’m almost up to the gate
despite all foresight or recollection
I’m bound to lose my sense of direction

now she takes me up in her rocking chair
way up in the middle of the air
on that axle made of a ton of steel
I saw the secrets of the night revealed
amongst the stars and the moon so big
summer offers new ways to live
high above our ravaged town
I wished I never had to come back down
oh but of course I had to and did
and so despite all levers and constellations
I’m bound to lose sight of my destination

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh