St. Francis

sound your horn Saint Francis
I could hear you many years ago
but I must be out of practice
all I hear now I don’t know
but I got to let, I got to let go
they better let go of Saint Katherine
don’t let them touch her with that wheel
and before that would ever happen
Christ, confess to her how you feel
oh Gabriel is at my window
to show me how to not be afraid
to turn my child into my father
to turn tomorrow into today
and I don’t need no comforting illusions
don’t need no wise man to tell me what to think
but I need my brothers, I need my sisters
when the time it comes to sing:
“how green is the high valley?
how bright is the bluest sky?
how dark is the morning
right before the sunrise?”
and we have built the tallest fortresses
we have stretched out our backs and hands
while making sense of all this nonsense
we misunderstood what we could understand
but believe, believe they’re telling me
that the sound will one day come
we’ll hear the sounding of the trumpet
we’ll hear the beating of the drum
but down here no man is righteous
no man alone is ever satisfied
if he’s not looking for revenge
you can find him pointing at the sky