oh Ruthie with the summer heat dying down
there’s no rules in this town
with the brush alongside the road
we got nowhere to go
and as the warm fronts scatter
we tend to daily matters
and the first frost lets us know
what we will have to undergo
oh Ruthie I see you working hard
at home and on your family’s farm
oh and I can work hard too
Ruthie let me work for you

oh Ruthie both of us know how it’s been a hard year
and how the future is still not clear
how trouble always hovers near
and how we have to persevere
so let us backfill what’s been defiled
and let the wilderness be wild
yeah let all four seasons have their say
as the last six months decay
oh Ruthie I’ve been troubled in mind
I’ve been serving time
for some mysterious unknown crime
oh Ruthie let us leave these troubles behind

oh Ruthie none of this comes as much of a surprise
still the tears well up in your eyes
but all the madness the world employs
will not be strong enough to destroy
all of the sweetness we have gained
with your garden plots and rain
with your apple trees and all
we can harvest through the fall
oh Ruthie oh won’t you take this ring
come let us marry by next spring
I know the weather won’t make up its mind
oh but Ruthie I have made up mine.