Quest for Noah’s Ark

follow me here to the sea of open eyes
where no life adheres to the laws of the sky
I know the shadows make you nervous
all those inventions in the air
shine the bright light of progress
in the face of despair
so don’t tread my dirty surface
my deep water emanates
if you don’t want to be devoured
learn to accept this as your fate

and follow me down to the bottom of the sea
where no man’s unlocked my ancient mystery
yeah and you got reason to be cautious
to even step off of my shore
the rainbow shines bright in the future
but Noah’s ark rests on my floor
and yet no covenant is broken
God is exacting no revenge
when you’re set on destruction
you are writing your own end

and so for five thousand years and six thousand songs
with all God’s living children humming along
down at the bottom of the ocean
deep inside that sunken ark
lies my secret salvation
my light in the dark
I see the statue of my lady
her frozen face stares at the sun
and in my final exploration
all of my theories come undone