Pursuit of Happiness – Pt I

it’s a long time coming
it’s a lesson learned
when the facts turn into fiction
your voice is overturned
do you still believe in nothing?
is there no meaning in this place?
like to believe in anything
would be a futile chase
they’re coming in: throw your hands up
they’re coming in, they’re knocking down your door
you got the right to remain silent
you told me everyone is bought or sold
and now you’re shredding documents
you got nothing more to say
you’re constructing your own conscience
as if it were made out of clay
and that’s the sacrifice you make
to overcome the promises you wish you didn’t make
but you make them anyway
cause everybody wants you, everybody wants you
everybody want you to keep inside their jewelry box
or to wrap around their neck
they’re keeping you in check
you’re the chain that they never will unlock