I hide the fountain of my youth in the darkest day of the desert
that barren land of sharpened teeth and wholehearted laughter
they’re lashing out against each other
so I hover above the lights firing
through those tunnels of insecurities
I hope to find love at the center
and it’s a fatal target everybody hides in shame
but really why should they when it ought to be addressed?
some cataclysmic failure will put you to the test
and it could bring out the best in you
or it could bring out the worst in you
whatever it is it’s you oh no no no

the darkest light that I’ve ever seen
throws shades of light outside my dreams
through the fixture of a silhouette
I can see somebody I’ve never met
the strangest story ever told
comes alive as it unfolds
and as it moves it picks up steam
just like a nightmare like a dream

and now the flames are rising high
from a wheel within a wheel
covered in omnipresent eyes
keeping the highest truth concealed
it’s a reflection of a reflection
a mirror against a mirror
it’s a reminder of a reminder
a shining souvenir