I’m remembering this warm day in June
when everything seemed perfectly in tune
when it seemed like there was nothing we could do
to spoil the moment
but now the heat these days is more than one can bear
and still the sun is nothing more than a glare in your eyes
to keep you dissatisfied and distracted
and the sky has always acted as a sign
for you to overcome the ground some day, cut your ties
those overbearing guiltless type of lies that you hold true
so long to your old ideals
you’re just a lowly cog in a broken wheel
with no laws to become revealed on top of the mountain
but from this inside view hey! I want out
I’ll give up on all my faith in doubt
and we’ll flood this world when our lives pour out like a fountain
but it’s only a matter of the time on your hands
so you better stop burying your head in the sand
cause if you want to be the difference
honey you better move
cause if they don’t need a conscience
you can bet they don’t need you