Let It Be So

I called to say I might be late
I was reassured that would be ok
so I learned to hesitate as long as I could
but that was then and this is now
I rose up above that world somehow
I learned to let the gears move up and down to tell the time
that was the moment I let the coiled wheel unwind

I met a girl many years ago
and we promised to never let each other go
we still haven’t no no no, yeah, we still hold each other true
and we’ve become like two locked rings
like two lost coins that have been redeemed
we lit every lamp and searched everything
‘til I belonged to her and her to me
that was the moment we let the coiled wheel unwind

I met a demon with iron teeth
I met a blind folded angel who refused to speak
I got the feeling they didn’t really care about me
so I moved on to find the voice that spoke to me
with his eyes like fire his voice like the sea
before his seven stars and his holy keys I cried,
“this is the moment the burning wheel unwinds.”
so let Fortune turn her wheel
and let the serpent take its tail out of its mouth
yeah, let the rain fall on the drought
and watch the seeds begin to sprout
cause that’s what I’m born to do
I’m here to learn how to love you
that’s the happiness I pursue.