Law-Abiding Citizen

my wife and I we met in school we studied geography
we traveled everywhere together, it was always her and me
and in the moment that we met I could feel the ground move
we were married within the year moving as fast as we could
I found work as a cartographer making maps of the oceans floor
that I’d sell to the government to find oil off shore
and I always wanted to get ahead and get ahead I did
we prayed for a fortune and our prayers were answered
and so I‘ve always slept at night undisturbed it seems
never in my life ‘til now have I recalled my dreams
yeah I’ve kept up with my work and with my family
but somewhere along the way my life got ahead of me
hey! I’ve had to make my way.
hey! I’ve had to fight
for this life I live, for this sky so bright
but now my dreams are haunted by her pale face in the night
I could not bring myself to bring the dark into the light