I’m Never Sure

I want to explain why I feel the way I’m feeling
like a film is reeling through my mind
and if I could simply learn how to control it
then I would surely stop it for a moment
and then I could rewind the truth
and look inside of my mind

if could just make sense of the world that I live in
then I wouldn’t have to give in all the time
and I could finally say what I do believe in
and start experiencing real pain
yeah, but I’m no savior
so I just stutter and waver through a change

so I dig my heels and try to imagine something real
something I could feel
cause I know I’m not the same as I was but I wish I were
and it’s fine if I could settle my differences and act mature
but I wouldn’t even say that that is the cure
cause my mind keeps going back and forth yeah
I’m never sure
I’m never sure