I Try Not to Lie

just like some writer said, “I think therefore I am,”
you just try to prove that you’re alive
with b-sides and bonus tracks steel framed photographs
you just try to prove that you’re alive
you’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive
and you keep showing me your autograph
so I ask if you’re feeling well
that’s when you tell me how you’re feeling
like the ocean washing up a seashell
and you can sing through me
cause we are here to help each other see
through all this mystery to the meaning
constantly out of reach

and you don’t care if it’s predictable
cause you just want to say
how you swear you really know yourself
and how everyone’s the same
but that’s where I do not follow you
I’ve thought about these things
and they’ve been leading up to nonsense
that can’t prove anything
so slow down quickly and take time out with me
you will find we’ve been ignoring all the possibilities
and that’s why I keep calling you telling you I’m missing you
making sure you’re missing me too
but you’ve got a strong urge to fight
so I will continue despite all these lies are justified
I try not to lie but I find
I find it hard to tell the truth all the time