From the Roots of the Mountains to Your Holy Temple

so I dive from inside the bell
to ring in the ending of an age
only to release myself
where I cannot stray
and so I go where my shadow is gone
where no light shines in my favor
where all is one and none
I know I will not waver
because I am protected
the Lord knows what is best for me
at least that’s what I have gathered here
in the depths of the sea

and so I sink and I land on the floor
it’s there I must make my bed
where the deep is surrounding me
and seaweed is wrapped around my head
and so I’m fed to the wealth of the sea
in poisoned waters I will spoil
where I am left with the sediment
where my blood becomes oil
but oh, someday they’ll find me
revised men with greed in their eyes
and it’ll be up and out through the tunnel
to rise into the sky
oh oh oh oh oh . . .
hmmmmmm . . .