Famous Filmmaker

the shadows start to bend
against your famous camera lens
reflecting all the love that you’ve projected
and your heart starts to build
up a canvas and a shield
to keep yourself protected
so your lips match your voice
a sound, a picture, a choice
a chance to get yourself collected
before you will begin
to edit all this film
and say that the script needs rewritten
so please drop your guard
before the timing gets too hard
and everything turns into a challenge
yeah, let’s get our timing right
before we step out in the light
and lose our balance, oh no no no no
cause the climax will arrive
with everyone surprised
and unwilling to face the ending
so let your camera roll
take one, take two, take control
your happiness is always pending – keep in touch
cause the shadows have begun
to follow everyone
and always keep us guessing
so I’m turning out the light
you said a prayer, you said goodnight
and now you wonder if this is all God’s blessing – oh no no no no
so you toss and you turn
and you let a candle burn
into the latest hour
until you’ve thought about everything
but have accomplished nothing
you are helpless and without power
and so your timing must be wrong
or you have chosen the wrong songs
you don’t know what is wrong or what is right
until your candle burns out
and you are left without a doubt
that a shadow cannot exist without a light
alright, that’s right