Easier Said Than Done

have you begun to move a mountain throw it into the sea?
have you ignored your own calling and fleed?
oh no oh no it doesn’t matter what you say
if you want everything to go your way
confession won’t make you kind
it’ll only satisfy your mind
for the time being to say
you’re gonna love everyone
yeah it’s easier said than done

and so you push that rock up and down this hill
yeah, you push ‘til your desire’s killed
oh no oh no you better save up your strength
before your body begins to ache
taking your mind off of the task
is as easy as walking on broken glass
it’s your mind to overcome
but your mind it weighs a ton
yeah it’s easier said than done
you should’ve been there for them
yes, you should’ve but you weren’t
and now it’s done
and you can lament all you want
but that won’t change what has been done

so I heard you gave up gave in lost your nerve
I heard you let all of your demons return
oh no oh no you were never meant to be a saint
but you should never lose all restraint
your conscience is a fragile thing
you gotta balance it out against everything
but in the moment you succumb
you’re forgiven my son
because it’s easier said than done