Coming to Terms With Gravity

you can’t explain how you feel
but you swear, you swear it is something real
yeah, I know how you feel
when you think you miss your lover
but are tempted by another who’s looking at you
what will you do? what will you do?
with contradictions, ambivalence
sad stories with a lot of significance
it’s hard making any sense
but you swear that you will
you’re just trying to kill
the gravity that always weighs you down

so when did I become the devil?
I never meant to tool or meddle in your affairs
no I just tried to make you aware
but if I were you and you were me
could we see what we want each other to see?
could we overcome gravity?
where what we know as black and white
right and wrong, dark and light becomes more
that we’ve ever bargained for
so if the colors that I see are lights reflecting
than it’s a miracle to be able to see anything
so I’m coming to terms with gravity