Cold Front Blues

oh I got my daily rations, aint this new world old-fashioned?
where the settlers had freedom on the tips of their tongues
and I hope it fairs you well on these mounds and burials
where most every name is forgotten
it was out on the river when I felt my body shiver
at just the thought of making ends meet in the coming months
because as the cold advances all of my chances
dwindle and hide beneath a fresh coat of snow
aint that the way things go? down to an all time low
we lost our discoveries, now we’re waiting on recovery
before it all shuts down: the mine, the mill, the town
the devil left his footprints here and said he’d be back by next year

oh and grandpa’s got a fiddle he can’t play even a little
oh but we love to watch him try
and the dog’s their tails are wagging and Vera can’t stop laughing
she laughs so hard I think she’s gonna cry
oh but Vera don’t get sad , I know things these days are bad
they might take our land, our home, all kinds of worst case scenarios
but migration it’s a trick and you know I don’t give a lick
I won’t ‘til judgment day before I’ll see the devil pay