Call It What You Will

I’ve been looking for what I need
in a bottle and a melody
it’s sad but true
look here’s what we’re gonna do
we’ll carve our names into this tree
so we’ll last through the centuries
always reminding
whenever we’re forgetting
of how we help each other through
you need me like I need you
all that we go through
is it what we have to do
to remind us of what we need?
remember I need you like you need me
it’s a simply analogy
call it a comedy
cause it could end with a wedding
it could end where you don’t know
it could end where you don’t go
well let’s just hope that we’ll have something to show for it
for never letting go of it
for always hanging on to it
cause honey we are always hanging on

so if my eyes do go adrift
I don’t mean anything by it
I’m aware of consequence
so I try to use my sense
I try to stop the way I feel
but I just want to keep things real
I don’t want to lie to you
cause I know how I love you
but there’s still so much I fear
yeah color me derivative and insincere
when I don’t know what to say
but I don’t want to be afraid
of anyone or anything
of everyone and everything
until I can’t decide a thing
until you call it a tragedy
cause there’s no one left to sing
where you lose out in the end
cause there’s no love left to send
where you just hope that you could find yourself a friend in it
someone to depend in it
someone hanging on to it
cause honey we are always hanging on