Bound For Nowhere

turning down the driveways windows filled with rain
idle tools for idle hands light that won’t sustain
TV colored workshops feelings rather fair
standing up against yourself bound for nowhere

I dreamt of the skyscrapers they planted in their hearts
these days we take directions straight from the start
but sometimes I like to sit here sometimes I like to stare
where the streets are fill with people bound for nowhere

I dreamt of my ancestors I dreamt I lost my home
I dreamt that I had no choice but to get up and go
and I dreamt that I took to the road with my thumb up in the air
when I was asked which way I’m bound for said, “I’m bound for nowhere.”

I dreamt of a big city with a growing music scene
where we’re all decked out in fashion and hanging from the trees
where the sound of a whisper is far to faint to wear
on your little quiet shoulders bound for nowhere

I’ll be climbing up the ladder dropping cigarette ash
on the people surrounding warning me I move too fast
where the land that I live in is unwilling to dare
to help the land elsewhere bound for nowhere

cause we are careless and quick to keep our comfort safe
remember how that meeting got started late
from your neglectful staring unwilling to share
pushed up against the wall you are bound for nowhere

and now staring out this window my thoughts begin to try
to flip over the standards you’ve always justified
of how one should act, of how one should care
oh man, oh man, I’m bound for nowhere

now that leads me to this cellar where I lie awake at night
with a stack of books and a TV set encompassing my sight
where my dreams are only visions making me aware
of all the things I haven’t found bound for nowhere