Bob Cratchit

now that the ground is frozen
you can feel the city closing down
it feels like a ghost town
I’m haunted by the day to day
I’ve been dying to get away
oh, thank God for Christmas time

so let our home be full of light
fire burning warm delight while outside
the wind howls all alone
but inside we can laugh and sing
with all the joy of our company
oh, thank God for Christmas time

so let three spirits visit someone else
we got trouble year round by ourselves
and besides you know it’s been too long
I’m nostalgic for the ornaments
and the memories they represent
oh, thank God for Christmas time

shelter me in the safe haven
of my fondest memories
let those moments play before me
because as I child I was blessed
with Christmas morning presents
but ever since that joy inside me
has been in hiding

so whatever Christmas may mean
Chris Cringle, the nativity
I’m just glad to receive this small reprieve
and I’ll spend it with the ones I love
while all the angels up above
sing, “thank God for Christmas time.”