Black Gold

underneath they’re burning fuel
to try to cross that line as soon
as they can turn base metals into coal
the local children will have to cope
as the factories burn and smoke
bringing heat to all of our homes
I take the freeway in the morning
I take the freeway coming home
I can’t help but feel the warnings everywhere I go

national leaders are endorsing trade
and say that’s how this country’s made
and say that’s the way it should go on
but innocence will shed its grace
and take the mask off of its face
it won’t look too good to anyone
the beasts of burden light their candles
and invoke the clouds to rain
as mistresses wait patiently practicing their aim
and every time that she’s ignored
she knocks louder on your door
she calls your house to hang up
she waits for you to slip up
to share the secrets that you keep
she’ll make it so you don’t get to sleep
and when you say enough’s enough
she’s gonna find out how tough you are

so a man kills the things he loves
to prove himself to be above
the very things that he depends upon
and despite what he may need
he won’t acknowledge what he sees
not even the ground he’s standing on
men have dreams they don’t remember
and thoughts they can’t control
they dig the bottom of the ocean
they build a tower so tall