Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains

Adeline my twin sister this land eluded the glaciers
long ago these foothills were defended by the stars
the constellations feared and knelt as you loosened Orion’s belt
I know you’d never felt so strong in your life before
and so show me what you see, I seen Orion’s arm swinging
down to protect you and me, he is defending
Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains

now Adeline this land is dying, any coal here left for mining
will stay buried for there is no money to be made
and all the timber that was sold has made our father’s face grow old
and now his bones are aching more than ever before
and I know you have seen our father’s arms sawing
right through solid white oak trees, he was providing for us
Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains

so Adeline in your rag gown these hills are all barren now
all the trees have been cut down for the industries
but still your face is full of glow like a waiting mother knows
life needs but one seed to grow when the time is right
and so you say don’t fear, that right time is growing near
when it seems no hope is here an angel appears
like Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains

and so Adeline with anticipation FDR speaks to the nation
quick why don’t you tune the station on the radio?
oh how his voice does make its way inside of our home to play
the night air is filled with waves confronting our fear
and so we must believe as the antennas receive
messages we need, we will be relieved
Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains

and so Adeline with your black hair and hazel eyes of burning glare
no man’s brave enough to dare know you as they’d like
so they watch you from afar how they wonder who you are
like the brightest burning star on an early spring night
they find you in their dreams pressing wine from black cherries
and they’ll never know what that means but they know they need you
Adeline of Appalachia, Adeline of Appalachia
Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains