Albums / Lyrics

Full-length Albums:

Canary (Misra 2011)
Curse of Canaanville
Cold Front Blues
1933 (Great Depression)
At Least We Have Each Other
Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains
Red Lake Shore
Mountain Child
New Growth
Summer and Her Ferris Wheel

From the Forest to the Sea (Misra 2009)
The Forest – pt. I
The Forest – pt. II
The Forest – pt. III

Law-Abiding Citizen
Two of Every Kind
Black Gold
Easier Said Than Done
Quest for Noah’s Ark
Preparing for the Flood
Sea of Galilee
From the Roots of the Mountains to Your Holy Temple

A Wheel Within a Wheel (Misra 2007)
Taking the Fall
We Have You Surrounded
Quit While You’re Ahead
Pursuit of Happiness – pt. I
Pursuit of Happiness – pt. II
Reinventing Light
State of Oblivion
Oh God, Let Me Back In
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
Fortune Teller
Let It Be So

Coming to Terms with Gravity (Misra 2007 / Bettawreckonize 2005)
I’m Never Sure
Photos of Nothing
Up to You
I Try Not to Lie
Forced to Believe
Famous Filmmaker
Holy Ghost
Coming to Terms with Gravity

Love is a Murder, a Mystery of Sorts (Self-released 2003)
Day by Day
Fool’s Dilemma
One Caught Fire
Stranded in the Heartland
Before We Kill You
Things I Want Are Things I Need
Open for Suggestions
In Case of Emergency
The Moon
Take Me Back

Singles / EPs:

St. Francis / Cherry Tree (Squid’s Eye 2009)
St. Francis

One Caught Fire (Self- Released 2003) (EP)
One Caught Fire
Nothing’s Wrong
Call It What You Will
Symbolism Cried
Let Me Down
Where Are You Now?


Misra Legacy Compilation Volume I (Misra 2011)
New Growth

A Very Ohio Christmas (Done Waiting + Each Note Secure 2010)
Bob Cratchit

Athens Singer/Songwriter Series – Vol. 3 (2006)
Bound for Nowhere

Home For the Holidays (Bettawreckonize 2005)
Out of this World

All songs written by Adam Remnant – Coiled Myth Music (ASCAP)
All music by Southeast Engine