Heavy Hearts – Rest in Peace Jason Molina

The news of Jason Molina’s passing has left the Southeast Engine camp heavyhearted. Molina fronted both Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. and his music just meant so much to us all.

As a touring band spending long hours confined to a van, Southeast Engine could always agree on the songs of Molina. They seemed to be the perfect soundtrack to the open road. While SEE typically set out to discover older music, Molina’s albums were the exception to the rule and, arguably, the most played. There are distinct memories of traveling across North Dakota’s vast expanse while simultaneously nodding to “Leave the City“ or watching the moon rest above the Rockies with ”Farewell Transmission“ turned up loud.

Southeast Engine played a few shows with Magnolia Electric Co. and shared the same booking agent. It was always a dream of ours to do it again, however, we shall now have to simply be grateful for the music Jason Molina provided us. It was music that seemed to make time stand still and, for brief moments, it left a lingering sense that everything was going to be okay. Oh, what a beautiful gift he gave. “It ain’t Hallelujah, but it might as well have been.”


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